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Growing Food

Beginners Steps to Becoming an Organic Farmer

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Growing Food

Best Produce Items to Grow at Your Organic Farm

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Health Benefits

Eating organic foods helps you to reduce the risk of ingesting pesticides and other chemicals. Which in return, helps keep your body in good health. One of the largest health benefits of eating organic foods is not only the taste, but the way it boosts your immune system after making the switch from conventional foods. The turn around in your immune system comes from not only the high amounts of vitamins and minerals you are consuming, but from the absence of pesticides entering your body as well.

The Ability to Use Traditional Knowledge

As every year goes by society starts to pick up on new knowledge that prevents us from using our traditional skills handed down to us by our family. By choosing to learn the ropes of the farming industry, you are also choosing to use traditional knowledge to help you earn a steady income and feed your loved ones. Although it is much less of a task to go to the grocery store and purchase your produce goods, it is just as ideal to keep the traditional knowledge passing down to the next generation to help insure them of a healthy life and great work ethics.

A High Premium

Compared to conventional foods that have come in contact with pesticides, organic foods are usually 20-30% higher in price because of their great health benefits. Because of the high demand of organic foods in today's society, many individuals have begun to pick up farming and start selling their produce at local farmers markets and grocery stores. The ease of gaining sales from having your own market stand is incredible and the income earned from your organic produce is worth every bit of effort put into it.